Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I don't get the outrage. Really, the whole thing is just high comedy. Congress, who get an automatic pay raise every year while driving the country into a ditch, is apoplectic while AIG is dumbfounded that government money is bringing political interference. These people deserve each other.

Update: Related thoughts from Mark Perry, noting that among other things that some AIG employees had accepted $1 salaries in exchange for the promises bonuses.


Anonymous said...

The outrage by Obama officials is not directed at AIG; the goal is to discredit capitalism and prepare the way for socialism. The insinuation here is that AIG is typical of many large companies. Let's whip up the class envy!

vince_is_the_best said...

i agree w/ colin. outrage my a$$. where was obama, bush, rush limbaugh, harry reid, etc. the last 8 years when the GOP and Democrats drove the country off a cliff?

i'm supposed to care about a measly bonus or two?

they give two shits. vipers all of them!

aeasdtas aha!
eatsha shsita!