Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Health care round up

  • Mark Perry on how capitalism is helping to provide care at lower costs. Just imagine what it could achieve if the health care market was truly free.


Liu Mengjun said...

I can't understand those who oppose the public health bill.

Maybe roads should be a private business as well? Only communist countries build public roads with tax money.

Colin said...

Not the same thing. At all. With roads it is impossible for there to be competition. You can only physically build one road in front of my house.

This is not the case with health care, which is privately consumed.

Frankly I can't understand those who support the health care bill.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of privatized fire departments.


Colin said...

Then you should check out Denmark:


Blogging Gems said...

Why can't there be any competition in building roads?

You the house owner go to a road shop. There you can check out the different road qualities made by different companies and finally decide if you want a Wal-Mart Dirt Path or a Rolex Golden Avenue or something in between.

By the way, the average countryside person needs more roads than the average city person, because distances are larger on the countryside. So there is a certain subsidization from city to countryside.

However city people get sick more often. So the countryside people should pay back here in form of a public health bill.

Colin said...

Really, if this is the best argument that can be made in favor of socialized medicine the whole enterprise is treading on very thin ice.