Thursday, July 21, 2011

Quote of the day

Progressive insouciance about the question of whether or not regulations are, in fact, serving the public interest feeds cynicism about the role of the state.
I really wish more of our friends on the left would reflect on this. Progressivism has appeared to reach a state where regulation itself is no longer a means, but the goal itself. The defense of regulation in all its forms is simply unthinking and reactionary.

However, just when you're ready to hand Matt the keys to Galt's Gulch he then puts up a post like this in which he criticizes the Heritage Foundation for noting that poor people have access to a wide variety of electronics and appliances, pointing out that for many of them the real struggle is access to quality education, housing and health care. Apparently what goes completely over his head is the fact that appliances and electronics are produced by relatively unfettered free markets while education (particularly on the primary level) is overwhelmingly provided by the government, half of all health care dollars are spent by the government and the sector is heavily regulated while high housing costs correlate very strongly with high levels of regulation (frustratingly, something Matt pretty much admits here). 

So close, and yet still so far.

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